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Smart Tuya 1080P Wifi Door

Smart Tuya 1080P Wifi Door

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【Smart Peephole Door Camera Accessory】

- Smart Video Doorbell
- 3 Meters Charging USB Cable ( When monitor out of battery, no need to take it off, use this long cable to charge it to avoid damage the cable)
- An Extral Connect Cable
- Bracket
- User Manual


Please kindly use 5V 1-2A Normal adapter to charge the doorbell battery. DON'T use fast charging sources or chargers that support multi-voltage


Works 2.4GHz WiFi ONLY

Tuya Smart Battery Solar Outdoor WiFi Camera

Tuya Smart Peephole Viewer WiFi Digital Door Viewer (1 Doorbell 1 Monitor)

- Built-in 5000mAh rechargeable battery with 4.3' Monitor
- When press door camera, monitor view will auto pop-up
- Support Alexa/Google Announcement or Alexa Echo show/Google Chromecast live view.

- when you press door camera, the ALEXA ANNOUNCEMENT with " someone at the smart doorbell(DEVICE NAME)"

- Voice Command to wake up door viewer with: alexa, show me device name ; or hey, google, show me device name. MAKE SURE SLECT ALEXA SKU for this function

【Tuya Smart 4.3" LCD Digital Peephole Door viewer Camera 1080P】

It can connect to WiFi router wirelessly. You can monitor (handheld including smartphones, Android tablets) and one or two-way intercom with noise reduction (view visitors, video calls, snapshots, recordings, etc.). The system function menu is located in the mobile APP console instead of the indoor display. (The device is widely used in homes, apartments, villas, hotels or offices, etc.).At the same time the large 4.3" LCD screen enables you or your family to see out the door clearly and sharply.

【PIR detection and 166° Wide Angle】

Using 1080P camera 166° wide-angle lens, automatic switching of day/night vision sensitivity (adjustable; distance is about 3-4 meters), TFT color LCD display, suitable for AHD images and videos. Motion detection (PIR motion sensor can automatically detect body movement and trigger push messages and videos (stored to TFT card or mobile phone) within seconds, keeping your home safe 24 hours a day.166° Wide Angle, Easily Maximize Your Home Security with a Clear View of Your Doorway.

【Two-way intercom brings convenience】

You can tell the courier where to put the package, or warn strangers, theft, voyeurs, etc. to stay away from your house. No need to open the door or communicate face-to-face, the smart doorbell camera with two-way intercom function can save your family from unnecessary danger or accident through the APP.

【Long-lasting battery and app control】

Built-in 5000 mAh rechargeable large capacity battery supports 30 days long standby (usually 3-5 calls per day), low battery reminder and USB port charging. This digital door viewer supports both iOS and Android, download the Smart Life App to receive every detail of what happens every day at your front door anytime, anywhere. Never miss a visitor or prevent theft, strangers or voyeurs.

【TF Card or Cloud Storage】

Support Max. 128G TF Card (Not Included) for local or event recording. Also support 30days trial cloud stotage based on Tuya platform


BE NOTED:If you connect in the wrong way, viewer will not show the picture.

Tuya WiFi 1080P Peephole Door Camera Viewer 4.3 Inch

Alexa Google Door Press Announcement

When someone press door camera, alexa/google devicce will have announcement" Someone at the DEVICE NAME"

1080P High Resolution Peephole Door Camera

Provide high clear day and night view

PIR Motion Detection with Instant APP Notifications

Instant APP notifications + Alarm Snapshot + Event recorded to TF Card or Cloud Storage

166° Wide View Angle

Cover More, See More

Two Way Audio Intercom Peephole Door Viewer

Record and Smart Playback


- When you Subscribe ONE Monthly Cloud Storage, Frist 30 DAYS FREE. Next month will start charge. It mean buy one to get two month cloud services for first experience cloud service.

Easy Installation


Tuya 4.3 Inch Peephole Door Camera Q&A

1: What's the battery capacity of this digital viewer? Working Time?

- It is built-in 5000mAh Lithium rechargeable battery doorbell camera
- Works 3 months based on 10 movements triggered per day

2: 1080P Digital Viewer working APP Name is? Does it support Alexa Google Voice Command?

- It is use " Tuya Smart" or " Smart Life" APP. You can download from APP Store.
- Support Alexa Voice Announcement.
- If you need works with Echo show, please select the SKU with Alexa words. It works to wake up doorbell camera via voice command: "Alexa, show me device name" or " Hey, google, show me device name"

3: Do you have to have an existing peep hole to use this product?

- No... I wouldn't think so. But, you will probably have to create a hole in the door for the camera if you don't already have an existing peephole to replace.

4: What's the cable length between monitor and door camera?

- The flexible flt cable length is 10-15CM

Door thickness: 35 mm - 130 mm (please measure the door thickness before buying)

Door hole diameter: 15mm - 60mm

5: What the view angle of digital viewer? Support Night Vision?

- Support 166° wide view angle
- Support 1080P Clear night vision with distance 5-8 meters

6: When i connect the door camera to monitor, but monitor can not show video? How to solve it?

- Make sure the door camera cable connect to monitor in the right direction
- Also push hard to make it connect well.

7: Does this display will auto on when press the doorbell?

- Display will TURN ON AUTOMATICALLY when you press the door camera.

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